A Monthly Membership to Grow In Your Emotional Health Journey to Have More Freedom in All Areas of Life 

 Join Today & You will  Get Direct  Coaching In LIVE Zoom Sessions Every Other Week + Access to A Community of People Hungry and Dedicated to Kingdom Minded Emotional Health and Wholeness.

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Inside this Program:

Bi Weekly Coaching Call- Live

Private Community for Support

Training Vault

  •  Thrive will be a month-to-month membership with a private community that only other members have access to. You will get to build peer-to-peer relationships with others that have invested into their health and have decided to make  emotional health a priority in their lives. 
  •  A video vault with nearly 50 past leadership and coaching calls to dive into and grow
  •  A bi-weekly live training with guest experts that come in that have led and mentored Sammi and Spencer as well as experts that we believe are the best in their field…names like Shawn Bolz, Justin & Abi Stumvoll, Steve Backlund, William Paul Young, and many more. Trainings will be live and added to the portal. 

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See What Others Are Saying About Thrive...

" Thrive is a wonderful community of people who are on an emotional healing journey. It’s been awesome to learn from amazing speakers every two weeks and process heart issues with a group of likehearted people! "
Loving Thrive!! It's a great way to stay connected after doing the Come Alive program; in community and with many great resources. So happy that guest speakers get to jump in from time to time and share as well. "
" I have loved thrive! My favorite guests were Laura Duncan and Kori Meloy! I absolutely loved being in thrive! "
" I enjoy the variety of topics and speakers! My favorites (I haven’t listened to all of them yet) were probably, William Paul Young, Kori Meloy, Brandi Fano… although I enjoy them all!! it’s such an incredible resource to have, and so wonderful to still have that connection with Alive and Free people " 
" Thrive keeps me in tune with the skills and healing I started with Alive and Free. It is my community that knows these deep skills. Thrive speakers have taught me about the differences of men and women in dating, love and relationship. I know what healthy love looks and sounds like. Thrive encourages and deepens my walk with Jesus in really practical not religious ways. I would never have thought through all of my confusion and pain that I would ever be able to say this simple statement; I know my boundaries, they come from my Self Values. It feels so good to be Alive and Free looking to the next chapter of my life. But just for today... I love you A&F Crew. "
" Tuesday Thrive Nights have continued to open doors of deeper knowledge of abundance in kingdom principles. Speakers create do-able action steps towards both enlarging current capacity but also inviting deeper self-awareness. I LOVE that I can always access replays- there are so many revelatory pieces and pieces of wisdom that can be challenging to write down quickly. I can revisit whenever I have availability to. We also have a community board to connect with other alumni and coaches to debrief and share our journeys. "