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Most single women dream about marriage from their "Heart Deficits" which is why a lot of marriages end in divorce or constant disconnection and powerlessness. When we don’t learn how to feel satisfied in our own skin and build a healthy process for confronting fears and unresolved pain, then we will subconsciously look to others (especially a spouse) to fix us or take care of us or prove to our souls that we have value and worth. This 5-Step Guide will give you the step-by-step process to identify your deficits and find fulfillment so that your future or current marriage becomes a gift.
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Inside this Free 5-Page Guide, I'll Show you...
  • ​The Exact Process to become truly self aware and avoid the trap of introspection looking for all of the things "wrong" with you.
  • ​The language that helps you communicate the emotions you're feeling when you're feeling triggered.  Understand what's happening in the moment of a massive reaction.
  • ​How to connect to the traumas that have shaped your behaviors.  We believe you were doing the best you know how; this will help you heal and let go of those destructive behaviors.
  • ​How to connect to unconditional love by divorcing yourself from shame and self-hatred.
  •  The 3 ways you can meet the needs of your heart to sustain healthy connection with yourself and with God.
  • ​And so much more...
Hey!  My name is Sammi Robbins.
And this is my HUNK husband, Spencer.
I help Christian women stuck in destructive behaviors and painful emotional cycles learn practical tools that allow them to process their pain and get radically connected to their hearts and to God.  

I came from a very broken home and painful childhood that shaped my belief systems. Most my life I hated myself, hated men, and lived in isolation apart from community. My emotions hijacked my decisions and I was out of control.  I started tackling my pain and unhealthy tendencies years ago when I realized that my belief systems were attracting certain types of men...I decided to get healthy NOW to attract the man I really wanted and so that I wouldn't have to bring all this pain and powerlessness with me.

I would have never ended up in a beautiful marriage with an amazing man if I hadn't confronted my pain head-on.

Now, I help women become healthy and ready for marriage by helping them identify where their coping mechanisms started, I teach them how to break relationship with shame and self hatred, and empower them to build belief systems and life-rituals to be free forever, regardless of the pain that life throws their way.

This short blueprint will show you how..
  Easily Identify the Unmet Needs in your heart ...
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