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Enrollment Coach

Position Description:

The enrollment coach is a performance-based sales position. You are engaging prospects in high-level and intimate phone conversations to help enroll them into the Alive and Free coaching programs. This is a commission-based position working remote from home. This position is the lifeblood for the organization. We need performance-oriented people balanced with love for others. This is a team dedicated to discipline, work ethic, and commitment. 

Major Areas of Responsibility: ● Confirm appointments of highly qualified leads that are generated for you by the company ● Engage in enrollment conversations on the phone with prospects ● Enroll the right candidates and turn away the wrong ones Primary Objectives: ● Ensure the organization is enrolling the right clients to help get them the results they are looking for ● Supply the organization with top-line sales revenue 

Expanded Responsibilities: ● Text and confirm all appointments the night before and morning of ● Call and complete both the ten minute qualifying call as well as the second closing call ● After enrolling clients, send them their docusign agreement, take payment information over the phone, and send sales details to appropriate team stakeholders ● Commit to all team meetings and coaching sessions with supervisor Required Knowledge, Skill, and Abilities: ● Broad knowledge of: ○ Sales and sales processes ○ Handling objections ○ Maintaining mental, emotional, and energetic state ● Demonstrated ability to: ○ Close sales ○ Handle objections 

Education and Experience: Years of experience: 0-5 years Degree or equivalent: not applicable 

Position Details: This is a remote position from home. You can live anywhere in the US. This is a commission versus draw position. This position requires one weekend day of work each week. It also requires 40+ hours of work.

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