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When You Sign Up For This Limited Emotional Healing Special Offer You Will Not Only Get Access To The Come Alive Training Program ($4995 Value)...

...But to ensure that no one gets left behind the Alive and Free coaches will personally be delivering a live coaching session every week (Thursday nights for women and Monday nights for men ) to walk you through encounters with God and on a healing journey so you can have the leadership, support, and transformational experience with our team of experts.


ONLY 6 Payments of $99, or PrePay $447!

Everything You Will Receive:

6 Months Of Access To:

  • ​The Come Alive Program Course ($4,995 Value)
  • ​1- Live 2 hour Coaching Session Per Week ($4,995 Value)- (Thursdays for women and Monday nights for men )
  • ​Our Community of Clients and Coaches for Support and Encouragement: Community support ($995 Value)
  • Bonus Course #1 The Trigger Training Course- Get Free From Relationship Triggers ($97 Value)
  • ​Bonus Course #2: The Rejection Detox- 10 Days to Heal from self hatred and self abandonment ($197 Value)

We've Put Everything Together That You Could Possibly Need To Heal And Come Fully Alive In Your Heart, Emotions, and Relationships So The Only Question Is...

How Free and Fully Alive Do You Want to Feel?

Get ACCESS To The Come Alive Course, Live Group Coaching, The Accountability Group, And If You Sign Up In The Next 6 Hours, Get Our Healthy Dating Course [$597] Totally Free!



Check Out How Others Are Stepping Into Emotional Healing and Freedom...

Using Our Come Alive Healing Model


Frequently Asked Questions

Will I get any help or support in this program, or is it all self-led?
This program still includes access to our exclusive community of clients and coaches where you can get support, encouragement, and motivation to keep leaning in. Plus, there is the weekly live coaching to help apply this to you, and everyone always has awesome breakthroughs on those calls.
What if the timing is bad for me to focus on a healing journey right now?
We always encourage people to start their healing in their WORST circumstances. The reason, is if you wait to start on good circumstances and timing, it means you require those circumstances to remain good. But they inevitably won't because we live in the real world. Its best to start practicing your healing in the midst of hard times so you can stay leaned into when hard times come.
Why pay for this? Why don't I just reach out to my church for some free ministry?
We have found that paying for this helps hold you accountable to the process, and take ownership of your healing. Plus, most free ministry at church is fast 10 minute prayer sessions, 50 minute counseling sessions, and no personal investment in your healing from them. But when you pay, and your heart is in it, we are able to spend our time, energy, and whole being to help you through a process that inevitably takes longer than a prayer session on a Sunday.
What if I don't like the content?
To be honest, you may not like it. Part of healing your inner wounding is about being challenged and being asked to press into your pain. That means aspects of this journey will be hard and difficult. Also, if you do ALL the work and go through ALL the content, and apply it, and still don't find healing or value, we refund you no questions asked.
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