Are You Ready to Heal from Unresolved Past Pain and Step into a Thriving Relationship?

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On this quick call, one of our coaches will find out IF or HOW we can help you in your healing process. If we can help, we'll brainstorm a plan together specifically for you.

We honor you for being one of the brave ones.
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**DISCLAIMER:  Please come to these calls hungry and as tender as you are able.  We understand that when deep-rooted belief systems that protect us are confronted, we go into fight or flight but if you are not ready to be open and honest, then we unfortunately won't be able to do our jobs well.  We all have to be willing to let go of self-protection and self-sufficiency to receive love and compassion**


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Alive & Free's Philosophy is Simple
When you know How to Connect to your heart and emotions, you can Encounter the moments those emotions and pain began and find out where they've shaped your beliefs about who you are and who God is.  When you Identify your beliefs and bring in the right tools and process, you Transform.  When you do these things, you'll have all the tools necessary to become the most alive and free version of yourself so you can attract the relationships, life, and goals you desire for your life.
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